The Story

of 1853 Old Vine Estate

The story of 1853 Old Vine Estate begins in the dreams of freedom of an Italian immigrant family, who moved into the Uco Valley of Mendoza, Argentina; without knowing that 100+ years later their humble vineyard would be producing some of the most exclusive, unique, and flavorful wines in the world. Especially, when we talk about Malbec, 1853 Old Vine Estate has a unique combination of the perfect conditions with the perfect terroir to produce the best expression of Malbec wine in the world.

The Heritage of this single vineyard preserves the original French genetics of Malbec brought in the year 1853. See, a few years later, after the original french vines were brought to Argentina, there was a terrible disease called phylloxera that destroyed nearly every single Malbec vineyard in Europe. Moreover, throughout the years, most vineyards have modified their vines with GMOs and other genetic modifiers so they become stronger and produce more wine. Making Argentina and especially Mendoza, the only place in the world where you can find Malbec vines with the original French DNA. 

1853 Old Vine Estate is one of the last few vineyards which remains with the original malbec genetics without modifying it; and cultivating it in the closest way to its tradition, using certain innovations to make the process more efficient.  In 2012, a group of experienced entrepreneurs with a passion for wine making and specialists in the terroir of Uco Valley, found this vineyard, a hidden gem in the valley; and by 2016 the first batch of wine hit the global market, available in 10 countries around the world.

Throughout the years the project has acquired fans and international recognition thanks to its incredible quality and unique flavors. They are highly sought after because of their exclusive nature. Only 4,000 cases of wine are produced every year and they are exported all over the world, making 1853 Old Vine Estate one of the most unique and exclusive wines in the world.

The Location

Uco Valley

1853 Old Vine Estate is rooted in the heritage of its founding history. With more than 100 years of tradition this vineyard is one of the very best of Argentina and the world.

In the foothills of the Andes Mountains, the renowned wine region of Mendoza gives birth to some of the most unique and high quality wines in the world.

With a unique combination of adequate climate, suitable soil, and extraordinary people, 1853 Old Vine Estate has the perfect terroir to produce truly remarkable and exceptional wines.

The vineyard is located in La Consulta, within the southeast Department of Uco Valley, San Carlos in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, at 33 ° South Latitude.

The vineyards are located at 1050 meters above sea level, which allows the grapes to receive more sunlight allowing them to express their greatest potential with warm days and cold nights that enhance their aromas, flavors and natural acids. Turning these grapes into some of the most flavorful wines in the world.

The annual average temperature is 13ºC and during the ripening months (February, March and April) the monthly average temperature is 20ºC,

16ºC and 13ºC respectively. Furthermore, the maximum temperatures during these months rarely exceed 30ºC. Making this area of the Uco Valley the perfect place for producing the highest quality wine in the world.

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